We`re Management Excellence Inc.


Lacking the creative juices you’re in need of? No worries, our team is filled with creative minds that will brainstorm a plethora of viable solutions for you.


We take the time to get to know you and your business. Because we believe that great solutions are built on solid foundations, and we really do want to see you succeed.


We’ll work long and hard cranking out solutions that meet and exceed your business needs. We pride ourselves on our work, and you’ll be able to tell why.


We are a confident company, trusted by our clients and our employees to deliver great service past just fixing a problem; we redefine what is possible. Here at Management Excellence we bring together analytics and software development for practical business use for clients in the fields of marketing and operations. Our approach is to gain a deep understanding of the business’ needs and design a unique plan to help clients with reliable analysis and agile development.

Founded in 2009 as a vehicle to help other businesses improve their operations, we have grown into a company that is truly dedicated to our clients.  We aren’t afraid to take risks. We’ll work with your limited budget. Because we are client-oriented individuals with a common goal – when you succeed, we succeed.

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Sanjay Kamani

Sanjay Kamani

Co-Founder and Innovation Motivator

MSEE, MBA, QEI - Sanjay has an education in engineering and a master’s degree in business administration. His qualities as an innovator have inspired his creation of over 20 patents in electrical engineering. With an entrepreneurial enthusiasm, Sanjay works with organizations to design customized tools to help them achieve their operational and marketing goals through data mining and technology implementations.

Shardul Pandya

Shardul Pandya

Co-Founder and Provost

PhD, Engineering Management - Bringing marketing experience and extensive analysis capabilities, Shardul is a strategic leader in helping clients think through their goals to achieve success. Dr. Pandya is a Research Methods faculty member with the School of Business & Technology at Capella University. He teaches IT Management and Research Methods courses and mentors Doctoral students through the dissertation phase of their studies.

Jennifer Anderson

Jennifer Anderson

Richmond Operations Manager

BFA, Graphic Design - Jennifer's passion to provide excellent customer service drives her role as account manager for multiple MEI clients. Jennifer tests MEI's custom software with a thorough attention to detail and communicates with in-house developers to ensure software features are implemented properly. She also manages a team of customer support and data entry professionals, ensuring data accuracy and providing training as needed.

Alex Krall

Alex Krall

Development Wizard

BS, Computer Science, Virginia Commonwealth University - Wielding scripts like spells and regular expressions like runes, Alex wrangles mystical business processes and bends technology to the clients' will. His extensive experience in full-stack development and system design ensures that you get a complete solution devoid of any hocus-pocus. He and the rest of the MEI technology team don't practice alchemy, but together they can turn anything to gold.

Benjamin Wright

Benjamin Wright


Benjamin has been actively developing websites and applications for over 10 years. He specializes in designing and building custom-tailored solutions for unique or challenging needs. In his 5 years with MEI, he has created and managed a wide array of projects including: online education systems, data collection, management systems and cross-platform/mobile apps and games. He is fluent in a vast variety of languages and frameworks.



Our clients are mostly entrepreneurs & innovators who have a vision, but usually not the time, and often not the expertise to execute their vision. We partner with them in a healthily symbiotic relationship, offering SAAS services, back-office support and strategic guidance to help them create a successful enterprise at a cost acceptable to them.


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We are proud members of the National Minority Technology Council


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